Chosen? Israel-Palestine and Theological Assumptions

May 15th is the commemoration of the Palestinian ‘Al-Nakba’ or Catastrophe that began (officially) in 1948, and in a perverse marriage of political and religious ideology, continues tod…

Source: Chosen? Israel-Palestine and Theological Assumptions

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Being a Jewish Woman in Palestine- Answers to 3 FAQs

"And you shall teach this to your children"

jews say no

(by Katya)

I’ve been back from Palestine for two weeks, and I’ve gotten a lot of questions and comments about my experiences there. I really appreciate people asking questions and wanting to learn about what reality looks like, but some of the questions conveyed a lot of persisting stereotypes, racism, Islamaphobia and misconceptions. For that reason, I’d like to answer those questions here. They are:

1. “What was it like being a woman in Palestine? Did you get a feel for the oppression of women in that society?”

  2. “Did you face a lot of anti-Semitism or hostility as a Jew in Palestine?”

and, not to be outdone:

3.  “What was it like being surrounded by Islamic extremism?”

On being a woman in Palestine:

-I was treated with respect- noticeably more respect than I experience as a woman in America. I didn’t get creeped on or leered at…

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Kill me now


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I am nothing

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If it’s taken from the garbage

is that considered taking it from someone’s mouth?


I am nothingdessert

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I am nothing. {What depression really feels like}


Broken & Bipolar


I can feel it coming on. My insides begin to stir and rumble and something just isn’t right. My heart starts racing. My head starts pounding. The tears start coming and the words go flying.

Oh God no, not again.

I know what’s coming. I’m going to be sick. It’s like bile. Dark and nasty; just waiting to be forced up to the surface and vomited out. I am convulsing.  I am shaking with anger and rage. Then I am convulsing with tears and pain. I can’t breathe! This sickness in my head has taken over my body and wants to kill me. The demon is back.

I try to run. But it’s no use.

Help me! Please somebody help me!

You say you’re there, but I can’t feel you. You say you care, but I don’t see it.

You just have words. Lots and lots of words.

Words of…

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Pics of Grandkids artwork to pin to Pinterest

If I can figure out how to upload pics ( :

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